Monday, January 21, 2008

as promised... Kansas!

Above:  star on the ceiling of the "party barn" where
we rang in the new year at L & M's fun and festive
wedding.  As mentioned earlier, some amazing 
photos can be seen HERE, but here are a few of my 
little shots...
below: dancing feet

The best part of the wedding was when we 
all got a little bag filled with silvery sparkly 
things to celebrate the New Year with... noise
makers, tiaras, necklaces and top hats.  We 
all looked like flappers and it was a festive way to 
ring in 2008... Did I mention the little bags were 
all personalized?!  wow. 
The first day of 2008 brought us into Kansas City from 
Lawrence to check the Nelson-Atkins Museum, The Jazz 
Museum and the best of all...
HAMMER PRESS!  I am kicking myself because I have no
pictures of my favorite letterpress studio, but I was in shock
when we arrived.  Shocked, because we didn't have the address 
and we literally stumbled upon it, and secondly because it 
was just so great I could barely take it all in.  It was really nice 
to chat with Bradley, and someday I hope to have a snazzy place 
like his...
When we came back to Western Mass we went to another shocking 
letterpress place:  Letterpress Things!  I saved some Christmas money 
and got some type & supplies for my Gordon.  Can't wait to put them 
to use very soon!  It was nice to see John and Kelly again! 
I got an email from Bruce Snell thanking me for mentioning 
him on my blog (!?)... this blog world is so new and fascinating 
to me...still not sure how this all works, but you will continue 
to find me here trying to figure it out.  
{You're welcome Bruce!  Thank you for your beautiful photographs...}
*happy birthday mom!* 

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