Monday, March 31, 2008

featured on etsy!

i woke up this rainy monday morning to see that i had been featured on the front page of ETSY!  it is a lovely little set of springtime pieces picked by an artist in Finland who found my work!  I had my first etsy sales from the feature and lots of inquiries! I will be putting up new pieces this as soon as i can!  thanks to the lovely Lucie Summers who told me about it and saved this image so that I could see it!  You were right Lucie-  I was still asleep as it was quite early! 
*   thanks so much to syko! check out her lovey blog and etsy shop! 
(it's hard to see here, but if you click on the image you can see see my print called "poppy pods" in the top row, middle.  it's no longer on the front page so I am so thankful that lucie saved it for me! )


  1. Congratulations again! Looking forward to seeing more of your work on Etsy.

  2. Hi Sarah-
    Congratulations to you!!! - That is a huge honor.

    Just returned fom a big dance week-end, so enjoyed seeing the Rudy and Jar paintings together, on the windowsill were 3 houses. All looks just great!


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