Saturday, June 28, 2008

it's still june...

which means life has still been quite busy!  phew, what a week!  i am counting the hours down until we head off to our island!  (more photos of said island below~ i cannot wait to be there soon...)
*  *  * 

i wanted to share this magical  place with you~  Squam Art Workshops!   
OH and...*check out who the artist of the week is!!!  I am so thrilled be featured, it was such a pleasure working with Elizabeth.  (It's a chance to learn much more about me and my background with art and teaching... )  Be sure to take a look at the amazing list of classes and teachers... perhaps some magic is in your future! 
*   *  * 
Wishing you some refreshing summertime fun~ I'll be posting next week from the island. 

*  *   *  OH & Happy 4th of July!  * * * 

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  1. Hi, this is a lovely blog and the photos, esp of the quirky little house, are such fun! Great interview, too (yes, the one where you are Artist of the Week). Can't make Squam this year, however... boohoo.


  2. Love the interview and your island looks lovely. Makes me envious.

  3. congrats on Squam! and LOVE the colors and texture on that funky little building you have there. lovely. keep it up!


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