Tuesday, June 3, 2008

where have i been?

HELLO!!  i am back! phew! what a busy trip! Paradise City was a great success! The hardest part was setting up/taking down and then sitting still after I had been running around like a crazy person for so long getting ready for it! I wanted to show you some booth shots- before and afters. The show was 3 days long and in the first morning of the first day I had almost all of my sales! In other words, I had to go home that night (well, to my parents house- i had bombarded them with my "traveling studio") and paint to have more pieces to display in my booth for the following two days of the show! YIKES! Luckily I had brought some unfinished big paintings with me just in case...thank goodness I did!  Needless to say, I was one tired gal after all was said and done for sure! It was all well worth it though, and I look forward to exhibiting there again in October over Columbus Day Weekend. I was hoping to show you some previews, but I did not have internet or any spare time! So I wanted to make up for that so here you go!
my booth before... yes, it's really starting from scratch!

right wall with my print bins etc. 

left wall with big paintings
my name and fruit and birds.
my little wooden houses...

my little drink cart with my portfolios & info. 
Well, that's it!  I will be putting up more pictures on flickr if you really want to see more... 
It was so nice to be home after the show for a bit to visit family and friends!  I also met so many wonderful exhibitors and other folks who stopped into my booth!  Perhaps I'll met you sometime too!!  I would have put up a shot of me hard at work, but I look so very very tired!  I sure was!   
I am back now in Ithaca, getting ready to head out this weekend to NYC and Brooklyn to give an artists' talk!  AHHH!  It is for the program I mentioned before, NYFA's MARK program, that I have been in for the last 6 months.  Our weekend in NYC will be the culmination of all of our hard work!  So much has happened in the last 6 months with the business side of my art, and it's this program that has really pushed me! 
* *  *  
see here again soon~  lots more to show and say!!! some exciting news....stay tuned! 


  1. this looks really lovely, hope you did well.

  2. Oh my Sarah, I love your work so much, those little wooden houses are adorable...are they for sale or can you make to commission?
    Thanks for sharing, I used to exhibit my textile work at craft fairs and know how exhausting/exhilerating it can be, glad it went well for you

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the houses!!!!


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