Wednesday, August 20, 2008

crisp cool air

provincetown, looking north from the jetty.  august 2008. (c) sarah ahearn

this feels like it could be the last shot of summer.  today and yesterday have been 
so cool and crisp and autumn-like.  scarves & sweaters are making their way 
out of the closet.  i love the fall, and all it brings, so it's a nice change.  i am
looking forward to showing you everything i have been working on at the studio.  
i am in major production mode, just yesterday 5 new paintings were started along with 
many others in the works.  it's exciting and i will be showing you as soon as i get it all 
together.   quietly working and really loving the weather.  hope you are savoring the last bit
of your summer too.  be back with lots of new art to share soon!   *s

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sarah-

    Can't wait for the new paintings, TWIST sounds like
    an awesome week-end.

    See you then!

    Love, Liz


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