Wednesday, September 17, 2008

much happier!

sarah. love her., originally uploaded by kelly rae roberts.

take two. at squam. smiling so big since i had just met my long lost "sister"... (aka the photographer)  

kelly has such a way with words (oh yes she does) see her blog for her latest writings on the magical experience that was had by all up at squam.  it was such a thrill to be up there and to meet the adorable kelly rae face to face. can't wait to join in on more of the fun next year!  * * * 

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  1. oh your table looks amazing, and I was SO bummed to find out you were at the Fair, and I missed it (had to leave Squam a little early) but next year, oh to next year, and hopefully I will see you work in person, and you too!


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