Monday, January 12, 2009

moving on...

moving on..., originally uploaded by sarah ahearn.

boxes & boxes & boxes... that's what i've been buried under and I am just coming up for air...
raise your hand if you have moved recently... ugh. hard work isn't it!?
so that is where i have been for the past couple of weeks, and i will still be there for another week or so as we are in between homes... (oh joy)
i miss this space and have so much to share upon my return. i will feel refreshed and ready to return soon...
hope you are well and that you will meet me here again soon when life isn't so blurry. xo, *s


  1. Looking forward to your reentry. Moving is so intimidating!

  2. I feel ya! I'm not buried under boxes, just piles and piles of everything that was neglected over the busy holidays - paperwork and e-mails and shipping stuff oh my.

    Here's to making it out alive!

  3. i can relate to your feeling... we
    are moving in 8 days! Pfiew, chaos in the house and in my head..
    good luck!

    ow, love your work, blog and colors!



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