Friday, March 20, 2009

hello spring!

hello spring!
(c) sarah ahearn.

i feel like this week just flew on by... i've gone from monday to today, friday, first day of spring!, in the blink of an eye.  
maybe it's because this week i spent some time with a fun little 8 year old guy that i used to take care of when he was a baby/toddler (speaking of time flying!).  we were very busy~ candy shop, toy store (s), lots of drawing, & "spit" playing.  we also had a delicious lunch at one of the local sugar houses where we watched the steamy maple syrup sap boiling as we ate pancakes and waffles with that special syrup.  
what a treat. i'm exhausted from all of the sugary adventures! (here's some info on a special new england treat)

the highlight of my busy week was one evening (still on a sugar high) when i was able to get in some new letterpress printing!  i'm thrilled that i've connected with a friend to work in his new little letterpress studio here in northampton, as my dear gordon is still living in ithaca.  he'll come here once we figure out where we can put the 600 lb. guy!  
it was so great to get back to printing~ i'm working on a new mixed media series that will be a part of a group show this spring up at artstream!  it's definitely a new challenge, this idea that i have, so stay tuned, i'll share some images once i'm ready!  

OH!  i almost forgot~ yesterday, my husband and i played hooky and headed over to THE CLARK to see the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit. this photo collage took up a whole wall and made me feel like i was in paris.  (that mustardy yellow he used really inspired me... i think it might seem into some new paintings soon.)  last evening was filled with a much needed yoga class and then off to my favorite little place for dinner.  
a perfect day of "hooky" which sure got the creative juices flowing.  (or maybe it was the extra long headstand i did in class?!)  

now it's back to finishing taxes (i took a little break), cleaning, organizing and getting together more work for the shop next week.  i have some new "products" to share for my etsy one year anniversary. 
but i suspect that this afternoon we'll have to take a break and sneak out on a muddy walk since it's the official first day of spring today!!!  

i also wanted to mention that it's the 21st and 22nd over the weekend!!!  pop on over to see what we're up to if you have a chance!  

happy friday and most of all happy first day of spring!!!  
xo, *s


  1. i have been wondering how the fresh side is...going out to see my girl in april sometime...if i can manage squam this year i hope i can make one of your classes...

  2. p.s. tabella is also yummy -- it's glorious sitting outside there in warm weather...


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