Wednesday, July 1, 2009

picnics in paris...

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picnics in paris

hello july!  

it's officially my favorite month!  i love july for so many reasons... i'll get to those soon...

but for now, we are on the road again... back to upstate NY for a couple of days.  we just can't get enough of the 5+ hour car rides!  it's another working "vacation", but i hope one of these days we'll be heading out a real vacation.  if i could choose a magical escape, i'd take this exact one!  i seriously got all weepy just reading about it in the paper over the weekend!  real tears streaming down my face, really! that image of the pink balloon... oh my gosh, so perfectly dreamy... it just got me.  so yes, that would pretty much my summer dream get-away.  a girl can dream... someday we'll make it happen, i just know it.  (i've been promised...) 

happy to see my studio featured on poppytalk on monday.  can't wait to share my new, light-filled, tin ceilinged, hardwood floored studio space come august!  but, for the next month,  i'll be working out of my little, packable "studio."  i'm actually all set up today on a beautiful screened in porch at our friend's house to paint, while jesse, my ecologist husband, is out & about in the nearby woods working on his research.  (i we could be in paris with the pink balloon, but i'll take this for now!)  

hope you are having great week so far, i'll see you here tomorrow for more.  

ps: isn't this photograph dreamy?! i found it in my collection of old photos and thought i'd "picnik" it up a bit. (ha! picnics/picnik...)  anyway, that's how i've been editing/adding to my photos lately~  it's so user friendly and lots of fun!  if you haven't checked it out already, i highly recommend it!  


  1. I've been Picniking a lot lately too. I adore your pink balloons. I am too tired to think of how to say that in French but my heart wanted to try.

  2. That is a great old picture. Very fun with the pink balloons.


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