Tuesday, June 23, 2009

summer dream(s)

{twodaysinjuly: june }
acrylic/mixed media on board. (c) sarah ahearn. 2009. for twodaysinjuly.

yellow sun, blue sky, one or two fluffy clouds, warm sand & seven little beachside cottages by the sea. i'd spend a night in each cottage, falling asleep with salty hair while listening to the waves rolling in on the shore. throw in some shell collecting, ice cream cone eating, fireflies catching (and releasing), hand holding and jetty exploring.  all the things that make up my perfect summer getaway.    

what's yours look like?  

& a very happy birthday to my dad!   ( i just love that picture!)  



  1. shell collecting is a must, a warm breeze, long long easy days, salads and BBQ's and laughing with friends.

  2. Such lovely colors! I like watching sunsets, sea walks, good food and good company would be nice.


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