Friday, June 19, 2009

sunshine & more

sunshine high above 5 houses on a hill
sunshine high above. one of my new "mixed media minis," affordable little originals!  (sold.)

hello and happy friday!  
i've had one of those weeks...again, how did we get to friday already? earlier this week, we were driving, traveling, driving, working, driving and visiting in ithaca.  did i mention driving?! we went because my husband still has some work to wrap up there, and it was a chance for me to catch up with some friends that i really miss.  so while he was out in the woods measuring plants, i ran around like a crazy woman trying to have a chance to see lots of different people. there were coffee dates at gimme, lunch dates at the park, dinner dates with thai food, followed by after dinner dates for martinis and so on.  not that i'm complaining, it was really lots of fun, but it kinda felt like coming home for christmas, you know when you try to pack too much in?!   
it was especially funny, how on tuesday afternoon, i joked that my trip to wegmans with a friend made me feel as if i was on that old tv game show "supermarket sweep," do you remember that one? for some reason, i loved that show when i was little, and remember it clearly.  the crazy contestants ran around a pretend grocery store trying to fill their carts up in a certain amount of time.  well, that was how it felt in wegmans, with just 15 minutes and lots of ground to cover, only i didn't win any money at the end of the race... just came home with lots of our favorite treats.   phew.  i'm tired just thinking about how much we did.

anyway, we are now back in western massachusetts, and i am trying to tackle my mile long "to do" list on this rainy friday morning.  

*pick up new prints from printers 
*find missing paintings to work on (by missing, i mean they are here somewhere, just not sure where... we are still living out of boxes, so finding something can be a challenge)  
*listen to podcast for the new online class by the amazing marisa of creative thursday!  begin homework.  (love it so far!) 
*work on new dog commissions.  3 currently in the works!  
*photograph some new postcard sets to list in the shop over the weekend
* finish up some new "mixed media minis" for etsy!  (like the one above! check them out) 
* meeting with my website designer!  (yup! it's true!)
*return about 27 emails that i owe to people
* write back to you in the comments (this is what i'll be doing from now on... that way i can respond to everybody!  so be sure to check back to the comments... ) 
* pack up/mail out etsy orders

and last but not least, what i am looking forward to the most~ 
* get my hair done tonight at a salon that serves you glasses of wine! a little pampering will be nice!  i can't wait!  

what does your list look like???  

* * *
i also wanted to say thanks so much for your kind comments and feedback on the kindred project!  i'm so happy to be a part of such an amazing and talented group of ladies!  can't quite believe how lovely that whole collection is, really so beautiful and summery! 

and psssst!  don't forget about my kindred special offer!  i'll be adding more to the summertime prints too!  
* * * 
thanks for being here with me!  i'm so lucky to have you!  
xo, *s 


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I haven't been away but my list is super long too! Just wanted to say hello to my fellow Fish Bowler and wish you a happy weekend!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    I love Ithaca- I live in Fayetteville NY (near Syracuse) This post is inspiring- congrats on being a part of kindred :)


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