Thursday, January 28, 2010

the process: part two

c is for cake
c is for cake. mixed media collage on board. (c) sarah ahearn. 2010.

so great to hear from you all about your "crazy creative process quirks", you made me feel better for sure! (feel free to add your thoughts in the previous post's comments section) it sure sounds like we all go through a similar cleansing phase right before a big creative endeavor, how funny! i guess it's all part of the process!

my "new" studio was just what i needed this last week... i've made a dozen new paintings! they just came flowing on out, it was quite a marathon of painting, and i'm very very happy with the results. sometimes i make work that i don't completely love, but i always learn from every painting, no matter how i feel about the final outcome. but this latest batch, i have to confess that i just LOVE each and every one of them. sorry if it may sound as if i'm "tooting my own horn", but it feels so good to be 100% happy with a new batch of paintings. i have to remember that feeling really good about your work will always fuel the next painting session and allow more good things to happen... also, an idea for a whole new series of paintings has come out of this set, and that may just be the most exciting part of all!

to celebrate a clean studio and a whole batch of new paintings completed, i thought i'd share a piece of cake with you! : ) the new painting above is one of the newbies, and i'll be posting more throughout the next few days. as you can imagine, i've been off the computer for the past week or so as laptops and painty fingers don't mix, but now you'll find me here with LOTS of announcements and news to share... more later today my friends!

xo *s

(as always you can click the picture to see it over on flickr)


  1. It's a good thing to be totally pleased with your own art, I just posted a silly drawing of a girl that I was happy to say I liked. YOU are the first person YOU make art is mainly to fill your initial need to create......other peoples comments are just an added wonderful and blissful extension to your own thoughts! Art makes me happy!

    so glad you had a rush of creativity...and thanks for sharing..

    ciao bella

  2. It's not blowing your own trumpet at all to love what you make - I always find the ones I don't love seem less authentic somehow. So pleased you are on such a roll, that's a great feeling. :)

  3. I heard about paper crown and did a search to find your blog, so glad to have found it as well. I think your artwork is so lovely, so happy... like tranquil and peaceful to me, but with vibrant life! I have to say a bit crazy in my process as well, I rearrange my space a lot, because sometimes I just need the change. And something about organizing and cleaning makes it feel like I can start from a blank slate, sort of! Thanks for sharing your process and hope to see more of your blog posts :)


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