Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{on the table}

pineapple soda

a pineapple soda started off the perfect lunch the other day at my favorite spot....

that chocolate cake

to end, it just doesn't get much better than chocolate cake, coffee and sugar cubes. fresh whipped cream to boot.
i love going out to lunch!

(i confess that this was supposed to be friday's official {on the table} post, sorry for the delay! i finally found my camera cord to download the pictures! argh. )

{8 things to follow... }


  1. sarah, i checked out the menu and i want try the beet and walnut salad.
    i hope ALL is well in your world!!
    xo and smiles~ jill from n.h. : )

  2. that lunch looks amazing! i clicked over to thea's photos of beautiful you...how wonderful to see your brilliant happy face!


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