Monday, June 14, 2010

just popping in...

ada says hello

ada says hello & happy monday!

she's just turned 3 weeks old and seems to be growing so fast! i've learned to do a lot with one hand and less sleep. she's really a very good baby and we are having lots of fun together. this past week we even took a road trip to the cape cod! we brought her down to our beach where we stuck her toes in the salt water.... she managed to sleep through the whole thing!

heading into week 4 of motherhood, and i feel like i'm finally coming into some kind of new (sort of back to "normal") routine this week. i'm now hoping someone will stay sleeping for a while so that i can get some work done... wish me luck!

we'll be back soon.
xo *s & little a


  1. Oh my, such perfection. She is simply divine you lucky lucky girl.

  2. Such a cutie!! Congratulations Sarah.

  3. She's so beautiful! Good luck sliding back into a work routine, hopefully she will cooperate.

  4. what a cutie pie! don't you just love the smell of babies. i remember just sitting & staring at my girls for hours... time flies by and those moments become faint memories.
    enjoy your precious bundle. we will be here when you come back.
    have to admit - i check your blog as soon as you post thinking i can get my baby pic connection.

  5. Im so glad I popped in. I did not know I'd be seeing such a beautifully dreamy little girl. Congratulations! I popped over from Squam. Your class coming up in the fall looks so great. I don't know if I can leave my 2 and 4 year old for four days in a row, they are big time Mommy's boys. But my artistic heart dreams of coming to Squam in the fall. Enjoy that little sweetheart!

  6. What an adorable little face - Congratulations!

  7. Sarah, she is absolutely deliciously gorgeous. You sound like you're doing GREAT, too! I hope nursing is going well (I'm just starting to wean 15 month Ivy) and check in if you run into issues.
    I love hearing about Ada's little wee toes in the great salty mother of us all....
    xoxoxo p

  8. omg! sarah! I'm so happy for you :) Your little girl is so beautiful!!!

    I was just thinking of you today - after all it is our birthday month, and then I pop over and see your darling :)

    I'm so behind on blogging, emailing, I know I'm late but happy, happy congratulations! beautiful name you've chosen too :)



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