Wednesday, September 29, 2010


squam thoughts...

don't have the words yet,
but i do have this one picture to share...

saturday morning. on the dock. sunshine. bare feet.

ten of us. one pack of film.

one shot per person.
better make it good.

this one is good.

can't say it much better than this.

see you tomorrow.
xo *s


  1. It is good :-) It was nice to see you there ~ and your new baby! She looked like a darling little Cabbage Patch doll in her fringie hoodie :-)

  2. yup it is a good picture. brings back good memories.

  3. good to see you too bj! : )

    pippin & meghan- this is seriously my only pic of the lake! can you believe it?! thanks for saying hello here! xo xo

  4. I love this photo, Sarah.

    And thank you so much for sharing it, because due to user error, my lake photos from this gorgeous day did not come out... your one is now my one... and it's so lovely!!

  5. Looks like I remember...Squam is hard to put into words, it was truly magical! Sarah, just wondering, are you going to dress Ada up for Halloween? :) If you do I want to see pics! :)

  6. Perfect! As was this class and the moment with you and the other ladies out there on the dock. It really was a serene peace that was just surrounding us out there!



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