Friday, September 10, 2010

next week at this time...

le dock

ada and i will be here!

the magical squam is next week! i just cannot believe it! i'm so looking forward to meeting some of you there... i'll be teaching 3 classes this time 'round, currently prepping for those and for the art fair! getting so excited!


  1. Ada's gonna be a squammie!!?? Can't wait - hope I get to be the one to point the way (again :D) and the first to pass out hugs!!

    blessings to you both and can't wait to see you next week,

  2. How wonderful that you and Ada will be headed to Squam when last year she was just a sweet pea in the pod that you hadn't even announce yet ! So fun that she will go with you and play. I unfortunately can't attend this year but wish you and all the Squamies a creative and magical time !

  3. kim- oh too bad! sorry we won't see you up at squam this time! thanks for saying hi here! it's awfully funny to think about how there's a little babe in tow this year at squam. she was a pea in the pod at squam last year, but i certainly didn't know it yet! ; )

    kelley! can't wait to see you! i think of you often, as my lovely friend who led the way! see you in a couple of days! xoxo *s


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