Tuesday, September 7, 2010

you say...

{ s i x }

at my favorite farm stand

my sixth good thing about this summer has been the tomatoes. we've been eating lots of 'em as it seems that the weather has been just right this year for these guys (hot and dry) to flourish. we've been having simple dinners of big juicy tomato slices, fresh mozzarella, garden picked basil and ripe avocado all topped with sea salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. a baguette for dipping and soaking up juices is optional, but highly recommended as an accompaniment.

hope you had a nice long weekend...
we ate dinner with friends, visited great-grandmothers, went for a few strolls into town and tried to relax a bit. if i could find my camera cord and my camera i'd share some more pictures! (oh how lack of sleep seems to be making me lose things!)
one more bit from the weekend:
on our way to dinner at our friend's house saturday night, we stopped on the way to pick up a bottle of wine to bring with us. i'm slowly learning to accept the fact that there's no more meandering through the wine shop looking for just the right bottle, so as jesse waited in the car (with it running!) to keep ada sleeping, i ran in, sans baby, and grabbed a bottle of chilled white. as i approached the counter to pay, i realized that i still had a burp cloth on my shoulder. a wet one in fact. funny part was, even though i felt like a frumpy, old, spit-up covered mom, the guy behind the counter proceeded to ID me... my face red with embarrassment, i was quite happy to oblige!

see you for 7 & 8 tomorrow!
xo *s

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  1. I love this photo! I never used to like tomatoes until I went to Italy last year...now I really can't get enough of them!


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