Monday, November 29, 2010

it's here!

calendar time
it's 2 0 1 1 !
the best part...pages
on etsy


made it, photographed it and posted it.

here it it! my 2 0 1 1 fun little clipboard calendar! hooray!

what got in the way? oh, a baby that decided she wasn't really that good at sleeping through the night after all, a missing camera cord, and last but not least, an almost all of massachusetts wide internet outage last night (thanks comcast, just what i needed on cyber monday eve ) !!!

okay, i'm done complaining, but this sure was a labor of love now that i have a 6-month-old. i'm pretty proud of this cute little thing... i hope you like it too.

xo *s

ps: i'm of course pretty proud of this cute little thing too! : ) she's not for sale.


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