Friday, February 18, 2011

{in the studio}

just starting outabove my tableplaying with colorscurrently above my desk
new palette

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hi there & happy friday!

well, it's been a wee bit quiet over here due to some unexpected travel (more on that later), the stomach flu (me), and pink eye (ada). we're home, and both feeling better thank goodness, but man-oh-man did that flu knock me down for days. ada was really fine, just looking a little funny in one eye : ) who knew that pink eye isn't really pink, it's just a cold in the eye. hmm, learning something everyday as a new mom! here's hoping that flu stays away from our house (and yours!) for a very long time. today is the first day in a while that i'm up (and dressed!), actually functioning and, best of all, having lots of energy and ideas flowing! yay! sketchbooks and chalkboards are being filled.

i've recently torn apart the studio, re-designed and organized it, so i'm excited to say i'll finally have pictures to show you! i realize that for the past year (!) or so i've had to keep quiet with pictures here on the blog because so much of what i was working on was for the book, and it's nice to finally have the freedom to take lots of pictures to show you! i miss sharing my studio shots! of course, my little snapshots are no where near as nice as the ones you'll find by thea in the book, but here are a few snapshots of recent studio activity. in these photos, i was in the midst of my new series that i made for the eta 9. for these pieces, i working on them all at once, putting one down then picking one up... the process was a bit different for me, but i really love how they all came out. i hope you like this little peek behind the scenes! (a couple more here)

i've really missed being here, it's great to be back with fresh ideas and energy.
i'll have lots more to share with you next week!
have a great weekend,
xo *s

ps: do you like the new header and tabs? : ) i'm pretty happy with them, change is good and it was about time. stay tuned, more things to come.


  1. Love these pics Sarah! I miss our regular photo sessions. Have to make a date to come see you soon. In the meanwhile please keep these coming, it makes me feel like I am there with you. And I think your photos are wonderful! xoxoxo

  2. Love seeing all the photos . . . feels like we are right there! You inspire me all the time! I can't WAIT for the book. Hugs and happy creating! I am so enjoying my calendar in my studio.
    Donna Wynn

  3. Love the new header and glad to see you posting some pics. They are fun. xoxo

  4. love the pictures and colors! the art work at nahcotta are lovely!!
    hope you and your sweet girl stay well!!
    xo +smiles~ jill

  5. I love your new header! Very pretty!

  6. Love you new header & tabs. I cac't wait to get your book!

  7. Would love to see sketchbook photos, but your embedded link that goes to is marked private.

  8. aw, thanks thea! yes, lets get together w/o a book to shoot (or work of any kind) on our minds! miss you xo

    donna-so nice to hear from you... and i'll have that thing i owe you very soon! ; ) sorry it's been so long! glad you are enjoying your calendar!!! yay! xo

    m- thanks for popping in! xo

    jill- did you get there in person? i want to make it, but i don't know if we will! how's the wedding planning going? xo

    glad you like the new header! thanks for your feedback! i appreciate it! : )

    thanks to anonymous, i fixed the link! thanks for your note! : )

  9. i love seeing the little dips of other colors in your pots of paint...i'm always on the verge of reprimanding myself when i realize that i've made a 'mess' of my brushes or my paints or my work-surface-- but the mess is just what happens when you're really having fun working!

  10. I always enjoy reading your blog and look forward to flipping through your book. As wonderful as the digital world is, allowing so many possibilities, nothing compares to turning book pages on the couch! Congratulations.

  11. love seeing your palettes smooshed with colors waiting to be used - wonderful!


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