Thursday, March 3, 2011

juggling it all

little helper

sometimes my plans to be be here, on email and online don't alway line up as i imagine they would now that i'm a mama to a 9 month old. instead of continuing to feel guilty about not being on top of everything or doing all the things that i had planned, i've decided to let that go and simply tell you the truth.

so here it is:

sometimes, in the midst of trying to juggle it all, these things happen. things that are important fall by the wayside, and they have to wait their turn. i learn have to make these choices as i learn how to be a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom. i have to learn that sometimes, i am only able to focus on one thing at a time. it's a hard lesson, especially because i used to be a good juggler, but these past few weeks i found myself needing to take a break from the crazy balancing act i was trying to perform, and just direct my focus on one thing. one thing at a time. you see, this is the "thing" that's been most important lately, so i've had to step away from my work for a little while. no running to email or work as soon as she falls asleep, no worrying about what i wasn't getting done, no guilt. just focus on that one cute little thing.

i truly believe that all creative endeavors, blogging included, as for me, it's a creative outlet, should be done NOT out of guilt, but out of a place of creative need and want. so that's how i am trying to look at it all. i'm happy to see that i'm not the only one feeling this way sometimes. these two smart ladies couldn't have said it much better.

i have to remember too, that creativity always ebbs and flows. always.

my new truth and good news is that i am now over that need for a break. the new and refreshed me is so ready to dive back into to my work which includes writing to you here, posting new things here & even here, preparing for a big sale (!) and tons of new stuff here. even working on this which will debut (finally!) within the next couple of months.

i had given myself the month of february as a little "maternity leave" to do all the little things i didn't get to do around our house since we've moved in. i didn't cross everything off my to do list, but here's what i did accomplish. let's focus on that, shall we? : )

i did rearrange, clean and organize the studio, it desperately needed it! (photos coming soon)

i did finally sort through all of ada's clothes that she has grown out of with the help of my super duper mom. she's already in 12 month clothes! ah!

i did work on decorating her room. lots more of that to come.

in addition, these past couple of weeks allowed me to:

take some days off when i didn't even *think* about work. desperately needed that too.

spend as much time as we could outside even if it meant being totally bundled up.

but, most importantly, i did take a much needed break from my work and allowed myself some space to step back and let the creative juices start flowing again.

and guess what?! it worked! i'm happy to report that i can barely keep up with all the ideas i have swirling around in my head! lots of plans for future are being set into place now. i'm thinking ahead and getting so excited.

i've made lots of lists on my big old chalkboard to keep track of them all.

i've also made myself a new day-to-day schedule that i'm trying to stick to as much as i can. it's really simple, but it's helping me feel like i am getting things done. on the list for thursdays is blogging and laundry. : )

the truth is, it's always a struggle to balance it all, and as i go through each day, i'm learning new ways of making it all work. some days are easier than others for sure, but all in all it's falling into place... slowly but surely.

i'm so lucky to have grammy (my mom) here two full days a week so i can work, but i am also happy that this month of focus has helped us to set up wonderful routine that is working out beautifully on the days when it's just ada and me. (more on that sometime soon too.)

and you wanna hear the best new yet??? little miss ada slept through the night last night! all the way through, none of this 5-6 hour stuff, but truly slept from 7:30-6:30 am! not a peep out of her! i ran into her room this morning at 6:15 am and she was just starting to stir.... whoa. this is big. i feel like a new woman today. i'm hoping it's the start of a new routine, but we'll just have to wait and see. but oh how lovely it would be.

how i wrote a book with a new baby i'll never know.

thanks for being here & listening.

i'll be back tomorrow with some exciting news!
for reals. ; )

xo *s


  1. Sarah, thank you for being so candid! It's such a struggle to find sweet balance between the creative and need-to-work life, and the precious, golden, never-to-be-reapeated moments of our little babies' lives! I commend you for trying to soak in what matters to you. I am certain the art that comes out of it will be richer and more satisfying. (This from a mom who hasn't quite figured out how to squeeze back into working regularly yet!)

  2. What a beautiful, needed post! I love that you're giving yourself time to enjoy it all.
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  3. thanks faith! i really appreciate you saying hello! and yes, so hard to balance everything... good luck squeezing in some work for yourself...

    thank you catherine! : )

  4. wonderful post. Juggling it all is sometimes highly overrated.....I adore your work by the way!

  5. sarah, what a lovely and honest post. as a "paint from home mom" to two little girls, i can completely relate. at the beginning of the year i was feeling completely worn out. i decided that focusing on one thing at a time was key to my insanity, whether it was getting published or editing content for my ecourse, i just couldn't juggle all of it at once anymore. and let me tell you, it was such a relief!!! i feel like i can finally breathe again.
    my girls are a little older so i think i have a bit more freedom. but with every stage it seems like i have to reevaluate everything and adjust accordingly.


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