Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a quick hello!

spring is on the way

my ode to spring. it's really coming... hooray!

just wanted to pop in and say hello!

it's a crazy week! i've got a teething babe in the house, need i say more?!

in addition to the above, i am working on taxes, a couple of interviews, as well as making plans for book promo stuff. phew! so much to do!

as i type this, there's a nutty baby in the other room screeching in delight while jumping in her bouncer. when she's not bouncing/scooting/crawling, she's pulling herself up on everything. yikes. (don't worry, grammy is on the case!)

i'm trying to focus on work by blasting my ipod and drinking way too much coffee.
i think it might be working. :)


  1. I love the greens in this. This print gives me spring fever!

  2. I love the way you capture Spring in this one. Lovely.

  3. I highly recommend the iPod and coffee! Your work=spring to me:)

  4. Aaaaahhhh...yes.....iPods and coffee are an essential combination! Great work! Love your birdie!

  5. just ordered your book!! Cant wait! Congrats!!!! xoxox

  6. I've just discovered your work and I'm enchanted! Lovely!


thanks so much for saying hello! i do my best to reply to comments, please know i read and appreciate each and every one! xo *s