Tuesday, May 3, 2011

markets of new england


today is the big day for my friend christine, as her book, Markets of New England, is officially being released out into the world. i couldn't be more thrilled for her, not to mention i totally know how she feels!

last week, when ada and i had our play date with christine and her little man, i got a sneak peek into the adorable (see photo below that she took of our books) little travel guide, and let me tell you, it's just gorgeous!

christine has gone all over new england checking out the best of the best in farmers markets and artisan markets, two of my favorite things! the timing couldn't be better, as this summer, we are planning a trip up to maine, (also known as our staycation!) and i know we'll be using her book as a travel guide and reference. Markets of New England is full of beautiful photographs and fabulous information, a great gift idea for a summertime birthday. i cannot wait to dive in and plan out ideas for future excursions. i feel lucky to live in such a lovely, lively, little corner of the world, and this book is a nice reminder to get out and explore.

get your own copy here!

you want a peek into the book?

Our books!

christine and i have also commiserated on what it's like having a book and a baby all in the same year! (what were we thinking?!)

congratulations christine! we did it! hooray!

xo *s

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