Wednesday, August 3, 2011

over a year.

spending a lot more time herepink+parison the chalkboard

tuesday/wednesday and part of thursday are now my "work days". on these days, i've been spending the majority the time up in my studio & i've been making a point to not go on the computer at all. i find, & i'm sure you can relate, that it can be so hard to NOT get sucked into email and other things online, so my new rule is don't even turn on my laptop until after i've had a full day of other creative work. so, on my 2 + 1/2 days to work, i'm beginning to find myself back in the swing of things in my studio... making messes, trying to organize & feel settled in the "new" space, getting sidetracked by making funny little vignettes on the chalkboard, painting a big canvas (feels so strange to be painting big & on canvas again!), filling up my sketchbooks, and overall, just feeling like i'm getting things back on track. it's been almost 2 years of book/computer work and that whole "ah!, i'm pregnant"/"i just had a baby" thing. oh yes, that. so yup, it's taken over a year post-baby to feel that i can truly be back to work in the studio & fully present on a regular basis without feeling like i'd rather just curl up on the studio floor and take a nap. no more sleep deprivation=lots of creative ideas. yup.
that's the equation to remember.


well, it's 4:30 in the afternoon, so i'm off to pick up my little gal at grammy's. i miss her when she's not here, but i know how important it is to get my alone/work time in.... lots of new ideas are finally flowin'. & that's always a good thing.

it's still a balancing act, this stay at home & work part time mama thing, but lately it finally feels as if something has clicked. i'm thankful for that.

see you tomorrow with some summery scenes from our recent travel. (another way to jumpstart creativity, that's for sure!)


  1. As someone who is a week and a half away from my due date, this post was especially helpful for me!! Thank you! This is baby #2, so I've been through it before, but it's good to have a reminder that one day, I'll be back in the studio and feeling like an "artist" again.

  2. Your studio is brimming with creativity. So glad you're feeling back to yourself. Really love your artwork!
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  3. Congratulations on the arrival of a new phase! How awesome that Ada get to be at grammy's while you have studio time. Everybody wins.

    Looking forward to taking a class with you again at Squam in a few weeks!

  4. YEAH, for you sarah! i look forward to seeing some new pieces of art work.
    be well!

    xo + smiles~ jill

  5. Would love to meet for lunch again - perhaps when you are on your way to get Ada some Thursday afternoon? Glad to hear you are finding your groove.

  6. love the picture of your studio and your sketchbook.

  7. It is such a balancing act, and constantly changing. My twins are 4 now, and I still have to start all over again periodically to construct a schedule that allows art work to work!
    Just remember, your work is not undone behind you!

  8. Oh how I'd love a date with you in your studio. Looks lovely and so happy for you that you are getting re-settled. xo

  9. i can totally relate! right now i'm counting days till september. it will be the first time since my children where born that they both will be at school (my son full day in grade 2 & my daughter half day in kindergarten). i have so many plans...

    i love you studio space : )

  10. good for you Sarah! hang in there - it does get easier as they grow :) Thanks for sharing!


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