Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fall is in the air


although we're currently in the midst of a strange indian summer heat wave, we have had some days recently that have finally felt like fall.  the other day it was chilly, so i had ada in her striped cashmere sweater (it was a gift!) and her polka dotted tights and i just couldn't resist capturing it.  she's super fast on her feet these days, so i was happy to catch her here, just in time, as she inspected the flowers along our usual path.  i never know what's going to make her stop in her tracks and turn, but on this day it was these flowers that needed sniffing and a lost tennis ball. :)  

as usual, things have been a little crazy since returning from squam.  i'm transitioning from my squam self to my home self, trying to play catch up around the house and studio, all while making sure to balance out the stress with calm.  (so hard!)  

i've been very thankful for the rare, quiet moments like the one above, that remind me too, to stop and smell the flowers and just be present. 

i've been working on that last part a lot lately...  it's a tough one for me to come by.  

that being said, i'm off to yoga :)


  1. sweet girl ada! such a beautiful moment captured. i'm also in transition mode, and finding it very difficult to get back into my daily routines, and resisting falling back into those daily routines..

    anyway, question for you... you had some coloured pencils in class (that were in a tin can)for the friday pages and paint. they were kinda 'fat'ish' and felt like charcoal.. what brand are they? lyra? i was in my local art store but couldn't quite find the same ones.


    p.s. i'm coveting all my little bits from our glassine present. but gonna force myself to use them. lol

  2. Beautiful, beautiful photo :)

    It always feels a little strange to be in transition mode, doesn't it? I'm in the same place now - I've been working on a show for months, and it opened a few nights ago, and now all of a sudden I don't have this huge deadline looming over my head.

    But first things first: I bought your book MONTHS ago. Now I'm going to finally give myself the time to work through it!

  3. Adorable. She's the reason to put everything else down and breath, stare in to space and relish the chance to relive being a child again.

  4. Wonderful blog. Thanks for all your hard work. Artist, mama; talk about underappreciated and ridiculously underpaid, essential and fundamentally necessary jobs! Keep on keepin' on.

  5. what a cutie! love the stripes and polka dots.

  6. So nice to see a shot of the growing Ada! She is adorable, Sarah! Wish I could kiss her cheeks right now. I lay claim to a kiss when I get back. :)

    This trip is teaching me a lot, especially about what is important. I just hope I can seal it all in and make myself remember. Miss u!

  7. so adorable, lovely pic. Love your blog Sarah and been trying to find your book local but can't find should be buying from Amazon then. Take care and I will keep on coming visiting you. I am your new follower...;)


  8. Oh I do wish I could get away with wearing an outfit like that! Love your book - I am devouring it right now.


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