Thursday, September 8, 2011

one last photo
one last photograph
(c) sarah ahearn bellemare. sold. 

good morning to you!  it's still raining.  it's been days and days, and our backyard is starting to look like a pond.  yikes. 

i wanted to share with you my latest pieces that i made for the enormous tiny art show at nahcotta.  i worked on this whole set at once a few weeks ago, and it's interesting to look back at them now, as i'm seeing them in a whole new light.  sometimes, as i'm painting, i have a favorite, "easy" piece that flows nicely and just seems to come together without much thought.  i like when that happens.  but, this was not the case with the above painting.  i agonized over it and almost scrapped it altogether.  but today, i'm pretty  happy that i pushed through, because when i see it here now it's definitely moved up the ranks to one of my favorites of the series.  

check out all of the new pieces here, you may even recognize one from the book!  it's finally out in the world and is up for sale.  it feels good to set it free!  :)  

i'll be sharing about the new paintings here tomorrow  fun news!  in the meantime, could someone please send some sunshine my way?  it'd be much appreciated, thanks. 


  1. i love this painting. it has such a nice feeling to it!! can have some of our sunshine!! it has been in the 100s over the last couple of days!

  2. aw, thanks! i'll take it! (just the sun, not the heat!)
    xo *s

  3. We are in spring down here in Argentina, so I'm sending some sunshine to you!!!! I think your art shines!!!


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