Wednesday, November 23, 2011

my creative headquarters

studio on a rainy day

i'm working hard on sprucing up my etsy shop just in time for the holiday season!

above you see my "creative headquarters".  this was taken today as i tried to cross things off my giant chalkboard to do list!

below, just one of the new things in the shop!

happy holidays!

it's about time i "redid" the shop, the poor little thing suffered for the past year or so as i've had other "projects" to focus on instead! so i'm really thrilled to be able to refill the shelves with lots of goodies for you!  please be sure to check it out and let me know if there's anything you'd love to see!  i'm happy to take requests!

so here's what's happening in my"creative headquarters" as we speak~

lots of new prints 
original paintings coming soon (finally!), the calendar, signed copies of my book and more! 

my goal is to get things up over the weekend, so tune in on "cyber monday"!

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also, i've been tweeting!  following along if you'd like! 
it's sarahearn, see the button below the newsletter widget

(phew, i'm getting my act together, aren't i ?!)  ;)

i'll be doing most of my holiday shopping on etsy this year, in addition to making lots our gifts to give. in fact, no mall for this gal on friday!  no "doorbusters" or any of that hullabaloo!  i'll be squirreled away working away on refurbishing my old dollhouse for ada for christmas. the dollhouse was originally my grandmother's and then it was passed down to me.  my mom "redecorated" it when i was little with scraps of our red shag rug from my childhood...oh how i loved laying on the den floor, on that scratchy shag rug, listening to my favorite record album this time of year.  (did i just say record?!, lordy, i feel old!)   although the dollhouse currently has an interesting vintage vibe, it is certainly time to give it a new look and some fresh paint and rugs!  i'm super excited for the project, it's going to be quite and undertaking, so i'll be sure to take some before & after pictures to share!  (and shhh! please don't tell her!)

then on saturday, i'll partake in small business satuday & bop around to my favorite local shops for stocking stuffers and little treats.  

doing my best to keep it local and simple this year. after having to evacuate our house twice in recent months, flooding with hurricane irene and more recently the halloween snowstorm which knocked out our power, we've quickly realized just what is important... & we certainly don't need anymore things.   

and just for the record, that's still my favorite christmas album and i'm dying to see the movie!  you too?

* * * 
wishing you safe travels 
happy thanksgiving everyone!

* * * 
thanks to you, as always, for being here!

lots of love! *s


  1. wow, you sure have been busy! i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and you find time to relax!
    hugs and smiles~ jill

  2. I love the idea of a blackboard in the studio. I've been thinking about getting a whiteboard, but a blackboard seems so much nicer! (I don't know why, maybe because you get to write with chalk?).;-)

  3. Just found your blog. Love you studio!


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