Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hello monday

to add to my new "behind the scenes" wednesday posts, i thought i'd start another new blog series called hello monday.  it'll be just a fun little hello to you to, from me, a way to check in and start the week off right.

so, here we go!  hello monday, ahem, tuesday!?  you see, i stayed up much too late on sunday night as i was completely engrossed in downton abbey!  you too?  with a little one at home, i absolutely need to got to bed early (by 10 at the latest) in order to be fully functional the next day.  but, this week, with the whole 2 hour premier of my new obsession, i stayed up too late.  but it was well worth it, oh how i love you pbs!

anyway, for this "monday", i just wanted to share a little instagram of what's currently on my table.  just a simple wooden bowl of our winter farm share citrus.  pretty, isn't it!?  we finally ate the pomegranate last night after dinner, and it was delicious!  even ada loved it!

to quote henry david thoreau, one of my goals for 2012 is to simplify simplify! so, around the house, i'm really trying to stay neat, clutter-free, and i'm working on getting rid of extra stuff that we really don't need.  the simple bowl of fruit reminds me that even the littlest things can be absolutely beautiful.

no need for fancy smancy around here.

how about you? are your goals for the new year off to a good start? if you need some support, check out the double dog dare over on the squam blog.  i LOVE it! i have to go join in too, what a great community!

xo *s

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  1. Sarah,
    I applaud your goal of staying neat, clutter-free,and getting rid of extra stuff! Me, too! When I reduce the junk surrounding me and sift through the piles I accumulate, I'm much better at focusing on my art. Go figure. Thanks for the reminder about finding beauty in simplicity (your bowl of fruit).
    Cheers, Reebie


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