Friday, April 27, 2012

so that explains it.


the other night i sent my husband out to pick up a pound of coffee.  

we were almost out and i knew that i'd be needing the caffeine this week as i'm working towards two big important deadlines.  i've been non-stop type type typing, laying out the online workshop and dreaming and scheming, basically trying to make it the best thing ever. to tell you the truth, it's reminding me quite of a bit of writing the book.  but, during that process i had a newborn who slept though most of the day. these days, i have an almost two year old (!) who doesn't. ever. stop.  she's what you might call a high energy kid, but i mean that in the best of ways... she's almost always dancing, singing, needing to run outside asking to have a snack or read toot and puddle for the 16th time. all good, just SO different than having the little sleeper.  that being said, because of my work load lately, i've shipped her off for extra days at grammy's just so i can get my work done.  our regular schedule is thrown off a bit this week, extra driving and juggling, but we're making it work to meet these ever-so-important deadlines...  

anyway, back to the coffee.  the other morning i was on my second big cup and i just couldn't figure out why my brain seemed to be so darn slow.  i was having a hard time getting the writing done and finally, about 1 pm i got a massive headache and felt like i needed a nap.  geeze. i never take naps, even though i read that they are good for creativity, i never let myself take naps unless i'm sick.  but, the other day i had to give in, my head was splitting and i felt like a failure. i allowed myself a nap in hopes that it would rid me of the headache and help me to recharge. nope. woke up, headache still there. ugh. i powered though, kept on working and then i finally threw in the towel for the day. i declared that tomorrow would be a better day.  and so it was, i got more accomplished, writing writing writing, but i was still in this haze of not really feeling awake. more coffee.  i chalked it up my parental sleep debt (i wonder, do you ever catch up?) and kept on plugging away.  but then, 1 pm hit and another horrible headache.  ugh. i chalked it up to the stress of the deadlines and popped a couple of ibuprofen and kept on going. in fact, i poured another cup of coffee just to make it through the afternoon.  didn't seem to do much for me though...  

do you see a pattern here? 

moving onto day three of the same sleepiness, but i finally had an afternoon free of headaches. phew. i was happily working away but still not feeling as super productive as i usually do when i have deadlines looming...  so, pour more coffee just in case. 

that brings us to this morning when i stumbled into the kitchen i noticed the half-empty bag of coffee still sitting on the counter. with sleepy eyes i noticed the label. i rubbed my bleary eyes in a cartoonish fashion and re-read it, eyes blinking in sleepy disbelief.  yup. you probably have guessed it by now... it said DECAF!  i screamed, scared ada silly and yelled up to my husband...  AH!  that explains it!  how could you do this to me!?  is this some sort of joke?!  no, in fact, it explained a lot about his week too.  like the other night when he made a pot of coffee to get through the stack of papers he was grading and minutes later, after drinking a cup, i found him sound asleep on the living room floor.  true story.  

this whole sleepy week of headaches was all his fault. he bought the WRONG, i-don't-understand-why-people-drink-it kind of coffee. his only defense was that it looked an awful lot like the french roast we usually get... and it was next to it on the shelf. 

ahem. deep breath. i decide it's probably best not strangle him in front of our daughter.

a few minutes later he ran out for coffees for the both of us and came back with an apology in the form of a pain au chocolate.  all is forgiven. so, that explains it. 

so yes, it's clear i have a problem.  an addiction, a need for caffeine.  on the bright side, i've already gotten SO much done today.  my fingers are moving across the keyboard at record speed.  there's laundry in, i'm wrapping up one deadline and moving onto the next.  and look at this. i'm even blogging.  :)  i love you coffee.  i really really do.  


  1. I sympathize with your coffee story. I get migraines and I'm not supposed to drink caffein but if I don't, I get headaches! My hubby has done oops like that one too. Can't wait to see more info about your course. I look through your book all the time.

  2. oh sarah! this post had me laughing literally out loud... finding your husband asleep on the floor.... priceless.

    i share your addiction, as many of us do... and would just rather have a caffeine drip attached to my arm...


  3. I don't understand decaf either. When I was pregnant with my 3rd child I went off coffee--I mean, I just didn't want it--which was fortunate, since that third go was a bit tricky and I was trying to be very, very careful. I didn't even have withdrawal. But the minute I'd been nursing her for a month, I started back up on coffee. It makes me a better person and a better mother.

    And no, you don't ever catch up on the parental sleep debt. Sorry.

  4. Well, I might add you will catch up on the parental sleep debt when they turn into teenagers. Then, it is all you can do to get them to JUST GET UP by noon at least! Sheesh!

    xx, Val
    PS. Enjoy those young years, they are brilliant, and go by much too too fast. Good thing for grannies :o)

  5. Soooo funny! We have a bag of decaf frozen in my freezer. It was put in this icy confinement after my husband mistakenly made it one morning and my (and his) entire day was "in the crapper". I had bought it for company who for some confounded reason are afraid of caffeine (new studies show it wards off senior moments/dementia btw). I don't know why we keep it. I'm sometimes afraid it will find its way back into our coffee cupboard like it has a mind of its own. I can think of worse things to be addicted to:) SO lucky you are to have Grandma. We have ours here too. Not only are you getting some art/writing/thinking time, she is making wonderful memories (As well as grandma!) with her Grandma. Two for one!!


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