Thursday, May 3, 2012

are you in need of inspiration?

i’ve got just the thing FOR YOU!


i had such fun creating the {found paper packs}, and i'm so thrilled that they were a big hit!  in fact, i sold out.  (whoa!)  

when that happened, i began to dream up other ways i could build off the idea of the original pack to make them bigger and better.  

it just made sense to add my favorite little sketchbook, thinking that you, too, could use the supplies in the kit to make a little something like this: 

then, when i mentioned my idea to these lovely ladies, they thought it'd be fun to add a roll of washi tape (yes! perfect addition) and pop 'em up in the shop!  so we did!   



get your own inspiration kit HERE 

*they are only available for a limited time! 
(on sale through may 15)


  1. these look like so much fun! (i ordered one, thank you!) i really enjoy your work and i love your book. one of the best out there! i look forward to your online workshop, too. :)

  2. Just couldn't help myself! Ordered and can't wait to get inspiration rolling into my mailbox :o)
    x, Val

  3. hooray! nicole and val, thanks for letting me know! i’m excited to hear you are getting a little treat for yourselves! xo

    nicole- thanks so much for your kind comment about the book! made my day :) xo *s

  4. Hi Sarah, just ordered my very own inspiration kit from Squam. Can't wait for it to arrive :)


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