Monday, November 19, 2012

peek at the 2013 calendars!

proofing these today :) excited to show more soon!

i’m in. 2013 will mean another calendar for you!  in all of my slowing down efforts, i decided to NOT do a calendar... that was until i decided that i DID want to do a calendar.  ahem, i can be so finicky!  but i’m happy i came around, because these are the best batch yet!  the pages of the calendar are a combo of my favorite “little reminders” mixed in with some botanical images from this past year.  i’m excited to share more soon, but here’s a quick little instagram peek :)  (i’m @sarahearn on instagram by the way if you’d like to follow along) 

i hope you will like them!  this year i’ve even made TWO sizes- the usual 5x7 s that fit onto a clipboard AND a new 6x9” size that hangs with a hole and a fun little ribbon.  you’ll see them soon enough, i’m just working on finalizing the proofs from the printers and then they will be ready to go in the shop.  oh, and there just might be washi tape and fun packaging involved too. just sayin’. stay tuned!  

happy monday to you xo *s


  1. Your work always holds a light of happiness shining out and touching the heart of the viewer. Love it!

  2. Can't wait to get mine!!! I just loved this years calendars.....they are being used in my art journal when the year is over!!

  3. I can't wait to see them ... I'll be checking the shop!


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