Wednesday, November 28, 2012

thank YOU !!!

whoa! cyber monday was a hit! a million zillion thanks to everyone who ordered calendars/art/inspiration kits!  i am blown away and very, very thankful. i have never done a big etsy sale like this before as i’ve always focused on my in-person shows during this time of year, but, after my slowing down efforts this fall, i decided instead to stay home and work  on my etsy shop. i’m so happy i took the leap and made the switch as the response was amazing. thank you! (packages being packaged up below) 

brown paper packages tied up with strings. glassine envelopes sealed up with washi... yes, my favorite things! thanks to all my cyber Monday sale customers... these are heading your way! (sale ends tonite at 11 pm est) 

it’s been so busy that i even needed to hire an assistant to help me package the calendars. see below, this is how she “helped”- 

someone was "helping" me package up calendars. good thing she's pretty cute, not to mention she genuinely thought she was helping... she's forgiven :)

she’s since been fired, but dont’ worry, she’s been “paid" with bunny crackers and rewarded with sesame street, so she's going to be just fine.  

i’ve even added some additional ORIGINALS and poster prints today too. i am one of those people who always waits until the last minute for these sorts of things, and i know that there are others out there that do the same, so i thought i’d just give a gentle reminder.

the 20% off will last until 11 pm EST TONIGHT. why 11 pm? well, it’s right after top chef to be precise, which is what i’ll be watching while furiously, (yet carefully and beautifully), packaging all of your orders. :)  then it’s off with the sale and off to bed for me. 

good news- the free shipping on all orders will continue through the week until monday, dec 3. (no coupon code needed) wow! december is upon us!  

thanks again, your support of my work is very much appreciated!  
 xo *s 


  1. "She's since been fired..." ha! Love your little assistant...I literally giggled out loud! Too cute! xo Kelly H.

  2. Well, she has to start somewhere! How cute. I enjoyed the 2012 calendar, Sarah, and am looking foward to the new one.
    Jane xo

  3. No chance of having a calendar sent to me in Sweden?

    1. of course! they are still up in the shop and i ship internationally! :) thanks, ingrid! xo *s

  4. funny enough...before reading the explanation i thought the scribbles were on purpose...AND i like them! the bottom one is bit hard to read through but the top one...i could see you going with this theme in the future. not sure what i like about it so much..but i do think it looks pretty cool.


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