Tuesday, November 13, 2012

today is tuesday,

so it looks something like this:  swim lessons / playing and climbing at the Y/ lunch /books / successful nap for her / me: laundry make soup squeeze in some email/blog time  tea  / she: wake up / us: bundle up & walk to the library. 

i thought i’d share this plum blossom painting. it’s a recent one i made for the enormous tiny art show. the colors are making me happy on this cold, gray, november day. 

hope your day is going well... 
xo *s


  1. thank you for the sunshine, its grey up here in Maine too!

  2. hi sarah! I found your class so inspiring this summer...a much needed outlet for a new mom. and now...we are back at our winter house and I just bought a desk to create another studio space here. hoping to find some inspiration in my own little corner again this winter!(although I will miss the assignments!)
    thank you for teaching your techniques in such a creative way....

    1. hi jamie!
      so nice to hear from you! i’m SO happy that you found inspiration in class as a new mom... i wish i had that when mine was little, i know just how you feel :) it’s hard! i bet your new studio is just as beautiful as your summer one you shared... where is your winter home?
      thanks again for taking part and for saying hello! xo *s

  3. we've been in southeastern NC for only 3 years but already have plans to move back north! this time to maine, to be closer to my mom. how things change when you have a little one!

    thanks for posting about the photography workshop. I'm hoping to sign up for it soon:)


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