Monday, February 4, 2013

chalkboards in the kitchen

recently, we made two chalkboards for the kitchen.  a simple thing really, but they've made a BIG difference in how we eat/cook/organize our every day meals.

kitchen chalkboards

the small chalkboard on the side of the refrigerator is actually just a sheet of chalkboard contact paper (i bought it from amazon, see here, OR you may be able to find it at your local craft store.)  it came on a roll and i just cut a piece to fit and stuck it on. VOILA!

i originally envisioned this chalkboard on the fridge as the place to write as our grocery shopping list, but my better half refused to write on it (bah!) as he preferred paper and pen.  sometimes he’s no fun ;)  
instead, i began using it as a “make and eat” list.  the make - the weekly menu/things we have on hand so we don’t have the it's5:30pmandwhattheheckarewegoingtoeattonight panic, ‘cause that’s the worst!  
the eat list  - things to remember to eat up so no more wasting salad greens etc that get lost in the back of the fridge!  it’s working!  a simple thing like this has totally changed the “witching hour” in our house.  we know what to eat, when we will eat it, and we are not wasting any food or standing for minutes on end in front of the open fridge trying to make a plan.  hooray!

the bigger wall chalkboard that you see is actually painted directly on the wall.  i was hesitant to go for this, but i’m glad we did!  this is an adult/kiddo shared chalkboard.  up top we (or perhaps i should say me, ahem.) write important household things to remember.  some things that are commonly listed on the wall- to do’s, places to go, gifts to buy/make, things to remember to clean, appointments to make etc. and the bottom area of the chalkboard? that’s ada’s space, and it’s usually covered in scribbles and letters, but today it’s displaying the early valentine she made for us. a bonus- toss a her wet sponge to erase/clean the wall and it can buy me a few precious minutes when i’m making dinner. 



  1. Wow - do I ever identify with your post - pretty much all of it! I love the chalkboard idea! And it looks pretty too!!

  2. i just ordered a roll of the chalkboard paper, thanks for that - so exactly what i need for our old outdated rental kitchen cupboards which are going to be redone when we move out. Now i can have fun letting the kids doodle and having my lists all over the place too ... hooray, am so excited.


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