Tuesday, April 30, 2013

april OH april

april has always been a month of fresh inspiration for me, a sort of coming out of a creative hibernation and into the sunshine of exciting new ideas and plans.  i realized this pattern when i was writing my book and talked about it here, one year ago today.

april is also a transition of sorts, from winter to spring, from inside to out.  the trees and flowers are finally blooming and blossoming all around and i couldn’t be happier.   
this past month had its share of ups and downs-  

some of the ups-
 today was a good day. muddy buddies at the "fishin' puddle" spring is finally here!

mud puddles and merry-go-rounds

today was a good day.

  today was awfully sweet before the sadness. holding each other close after a morning on daffodil hill. so relieved to hear family & friends are okay, just unbelievably sad... thinking of Boston...
ada and her friend on daffodil hill, monday, april 15th

some of the downs -
the sadness of boston- the news and stories that surround it, all of which touched just so close to home. there were the countless hours spent sitting on my bathroom floor as i encouraged someone with M&Ms and marshmallows. (the later worked the best). many more hours of a different sort of frustration when important plans were thwarted. but, on the bright side, such frustrations have become important learning experiences nonetheless.

thankfully, there were far more ups than downs, and that brings us to now.

today is a sunny, perfect 70 degrees. i have a napping, almost potty trained (!!!), sweet little girl. and, as i sit here in the sunniest spot in my studio, i have lots and lots of ideas to jot down and explore. to top it all off, there’s an iced coffee waiting for me in the fridge.  

as you may have noticed, april was also a month of MUCH less online time and much MORE studio/creative time. but, i’m back on track, with more to share on the creative front and a few important announcements to share this week and next... 

how are you? what did your april look like? 

tomorrow is MAY! hooray! xo *s

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  1. oooo, sarah i'm looking forward to your announcements!
    aww the ups and downs, yes i get that and what a lesson they do teach. i'm excited that spring and warmer weather is here!
    your darling little girl is growing so fast and she's an adventurous...enjoy!
    be well and happy may 1st!

    hugs and smiles~ jill


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