Friday, December 6, 2013

happy (free shipping) friday!

phew. we made it to friday. 
the kitchen might be covered in flour and muddy paw prints, but we made it nonetheless! 
simultaneously launched my online workshop registration while mixing up @weelicious blueberry oatmeal muffins for nursery school snack day. plans were thwarted when the oven started shooting out flames. all before 10 am. I should probably have some breakf
earlier this week: we attempted to make blueberry oatmeal muffins until i turned around and saw flames shooting out of the oven. all was fine, but the muffin project had to move to “plan B” which was hard to explain to a three-year-old who had her heart set on bringing black olives AND blueberry muffins to nursery school snack day. quite a combination, huh?! she’s got eclectic taste ;) not to mention this was the same morning my online class launched... never a dull moment! 

luckily ada waited until today to get sick, so i’m home with a little snuffly snugly kiddo catching up on daniel tiger and peg + cat. (side note: i may like that last show more than ada does)! 

i wanted to quickly share a couple of important announcements while i have a sec to spare-

AND, just because it’s the season of generosity and such, i’ve just made ALL ITEMS in the shop FREE SHIPPING! that deal is ONLY for today, friday 12.6 until 10pm est. 

so yes, you’ll get 20% AND free shipping if you order today! hooray! don’t miss out on the chance to sign up for my online workshop at 20% off too! 
in other news- 
we’re planning on getting our tree this weekend, taking it easy, and doing our best to just RELAX at home as a family since it’s been a little bit bonkers around here lately... yes, that’s an understatement. 
oh, and then there’s this situation! 
we don’t have a full-length mirror, so this shadow will have to do!
letting this cat outta the bag so to speak... since I broke our full length mirror, this sunny shadow I just caught out of the corner of my eye will have to do! Ada will be a big sister in march! 
ada will be a big sister this winter! 
more on this next week! 

happy weekend to you and thanks SO much for your support of my art + work this week!!! 

xo *s


  1. That is the best bun-in-the-oven announcement ever. Or muffin-in-the-oven, as the case may be!

  2. Big big happiness filled congrats to all of you sweet ones!!!!! Much merriness to all!!!

  3. yayyayyay!!! so happy over here for your sweet life.


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