Thursday, July 16, 2015

ah, summer...

shhhh... I am spying on the spy. she announced she was off to go adventuring in the yard- she has pink binoculars/tutu/rain boots/new backpack we got for kindergarten filled with books and animals... pretty sure she's just watching the neighbors reading t

it's hard to believe that this is the same yard and the same kiddo as my last posting... no snow! it's sweet summertime! 
SO much has been growing/changing in our lives, all for the GOOD, but i've been awfully quiet in this space as we've been awfully busy in real life - finally feeling settled into our new house, working on lots of fun home projects, playing pretend and spying on the neighborhood with pink binoculars (as seen above!), and we all spend our days chasing lucy who is a handful at this age! she's almost 18 months and has no fear! let's just say she is a wonderfully curious little being (!), but i'm pretty sure she's given me my first gray hairs!

It's apparently summer already. I kinda want spring back.  spray bottles + pool = happy kiddos. (they were getting a bit out of hand in the tub now that Lucy figured em out! on the bright side, my bathroom has never been cleaner!) #adaandlucysummer

all is well and we are soaking up these delicious summer days together!

ada is off to kindergarten in the fall and i just might finally find the time to get back to work and this space. i've got a ZILLION ideas and a just little bit of time, but i'm excited to take a stab at a little reinvention of the blog and make new artwork once the leaves begin to fall. 

as for now, we'll be playing in the yard and taking weekend adventures to the seashore... 
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hope you are well in your corner of the world! 
xo *s


  1. Thanks for the update, just happened across your book today and wondered how you were. Have an amazing rest of your summer with the girls. Looking forward to seeing your new ideas...

  2. oh sarah so nice to see you on your blog! i love seeing your fun on instagram too...glad to see you are well and look forward to seeing all the zillion things you have in mind!

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    Keep it up!


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