Friday, March 14, 2008

clouds in my mind

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a couple of clouds here- the top image is a zoomed "detail" of the one above.  This piece is one of my favorites entitled  "the lifetime of a cumulus cloud is about one half hour" .  it's true and it inspired this piece... 
Collage and mixed on board, 12X12" and is owned by a dear friend. 
I noticed there are more clouds to be seen here.  
More to come soon about my "vacation" last week.  
Today I was happy to hear from the lovely woman behind this blog!  Lucie Summers is an artist that I have been admiring for her collages and ability to "put herself out there" so to speak!  We "met" via flickr where i have posted new pictures and work!  

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  1. Hello! Just stopped by your blog after reading about it on...Lucie Summers blog! Love your work, looking forward to browsing around: )


thanks so much for saying hello! i do my best to reply to comments, please know i read and appreciate each and every one! xo *s