Friday, May 2, 2008

lots to say... aka biggest post ever!

hello & happy may!
It's time to play catch up! I feel like I have been a bit too busy for this space lately... but here I go with a recap for you, hope you are sitting down!  it's a long one...

here we were on the beach on the gulf of mexico.  very white fine sand & warm sun. 
1) It was so very nice to visit with j's grandparents, soak in the sun and chase armadillos!  (yes, i confess, we did)  The alternative title for this post was going to be "armadillos, gators and tortoises- OH MY"!   It was like a whole other world down South, I can say we did not chase the alligators like we did the armadillos, but we did see a lot of them and we were very close... a little too close for comfort sometimes!  I concluded that if we lived in Florida we would not own a little dog as it is one of their favorite foods!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we drove from NY to FL and it was not really as fun as I imagined it would be... in other words, no stopping for adventures or food... we just kept on going and going and made it in just about 20 hours.  I took lots of photos on the way down from the car, you can see them HERE to get the idea of what it was like trapped, i mean riding, in our car.  Thank goodness for podcasts of radiolab is all i have to say! 

2)  I am busy in the studio getting ready for my next big show.  Paradise City Arts Festival is held on Memorial Day Weekend in Northampton, Massachusetts. (Western Mass is also where I am from so it is always nice to be back home)   It is a 3 day event which involves lots of setting up and running around...and then I am tied down to my 10x10 booth for the duration of the show where thousands of people meander through, buy art and ask lots of questions.  It is my 4th time doing this show and it is always worth all of the hard work.  Right now, I am in the "crunch time" and I need about 10 or so new pieces!  yikes.  So that is why I am practically living here in my studio lately, highly caffeinated and covered in paint.  I'll be posting pictures of all the new paintings soon!
3)  This week I also gave my first ever official artists' talk and powerpoint presentation!  It was for NYFA's MARK program which I am so proud to be a part of.  The talk was nerve wracking but I think it went really well.  Now we are getting ready to give the talks in New York City in June.  We will be presenting HERE, at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn,  which looks amazing!!!  I cannot wait to see all of the other artists involved in the MARK program and spend the weekend in the city. 

*** see more new photos on flickr.  

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  1. hi sarah,

    i discovered your work through lucie summers and find it beautiful. i'm enjoying your blog too and you can find paper*crown on my blogroll under inspiration :)


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