Friday, June 20, 2008

hoot and news

ok, I did say it was a hoot didn't I?!  This is my friend Olive.  She likes her new portrait that I made of her.  (so did her human family) You can find more of her photo shoot here.  Yes, she is wearing a necklace kind of  "collar" in the portrait... she is from Spain so I was going for the lace mantilla look to recall her roots.  She looks so proud doesn't she??!  
The other news is that I just had an interview for a feature in a magazine... It was fun talking about my work and choosing paintings to send off to be photographed for the article.  It will be quite exciting to see it all in print this fall!  (I'll have more details as the time approaches...)


  1. Such a cute doggy and I love the portrait of her. So pretty and just like her. Good luck with the magazine feature.

  2. I love how you paint and look at the world


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