Friday, October 17, 2008

fall and frozen soybeans

look at that swirly shadow!  pumpkins at my favorite farm...
well, it's official.  fall is here to stay for a bit.  i know you may have realized this by now, but for some reason it's taken me a little longer.  (the craziness of life and getting ready for an art show perhaps has been the culprit!) it was so lovely being back in new england this past weekend- the leaves were so red they lit up the landscape and appeared to be glowing.  the foliage was gorgeous.  i unfortunately was inside a tent at my art show so i didn't get out to crunch around in the leaves as much as i would have liked.  oh well.  
the art show went well, lots of new faces alongside friendly familiar faces stopped in my booth. my new big painting of the beach cottages went off to a lovely cape cod home and some other little ones found new homes as well.  i will confess that due to the ugly economy, the sales weren't as strong as past shows, but this too shall pass i hope.  I was really happy with my redesign of my booth and had many people walking in smiling.  i had lots of "oh this makes me happy..." and don't we all need more of that in our lives?  I love seeing other vendor friends too. be sure to check out my friends who were at the show!  here. here. here. here.
* * * in other news...
i have returned to ithaca with a knee so swollen that i can't walk without looking like a pirate... (i would insert a john mccain joke here, but i'll refrain for now. i thought he was kinda looking piratey in the town hall debate.) so, i watched the debate with my knee up above my heart with frozen packs of edamame on it.  seems to be getting better, but i have to be patient and that's hard for me when i have lots to do around the studio and house!
so, i am taking advantage of not walking around too much to post new work and write to you! funny story, last night i finally gave in & decided to go out the the grocery store even though yesterday afternoon my doctor gave me strict orders to stay put.  i figured that if i had the cart to push around it might not really count as walking. anyway, we walked in, and I said to my husband "i just hope my doctor doesn't see me here", but before I could finish the sentence I looked up past the bananas and there she was standing right in front of me.  it was pretty funny. 
hope you are crunching around in leaves and enjoying the weather.  
more soon! *s

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