Monday, November 3, 2008

starlight, starbright....

evening star. sold. (c) sarah ahearn. 2008. 

thank you all for your sweet messages regarding the article in 
cloth paper scissors!  it's been a busy and exciting week for sure!

i am thrilled to announce that i will be participating in
it's looking like an amazing line up of artists, & i am so honored 
to be included.  i am currently in the process of making LOTS 
of new work for the market & for the other shows that i have coming up 
in december.  {two shows solo shows in ithaca and a group show in n.h.} 
more details soon. 
*   *  *
in related news today:
have you seen this?! it's so very beautiful. 
2009 is going to be a
big and exciting year for us, so 
i decided i needed one for myself to 
keep track of my could i resist!

i can barely sit still today thinking about tomorrow.... making plans for 
election gatherings.  getting up very very early to get out and vote.  
feeling optimistic/anxious/excited/nervous all at once.  time for change. 

i wish i may 
i wish i might
have this wish i wish tonight...

i'll be back tomorrow... heading out into the sunshine and falling leaves.  *s

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  1. i'm with you fingers and toes are crossed and i'm drinking from my half full glass! time for the way this piece is awesome!


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