Wednesday, December 10, 2008


fig wasps, originally uploaded by sarah ahearn.

hello!  phew.  busy day.  

just thought i'd let you know the exciting news! 

My "bird migration" series is going up the in 

artstream gallery shop today!   looks like they 

will be up this evening~  thanks susan!  

{just heard they will ready in the shop 

Friday night.}  10 new originals!  ***

i rarely have my originals for sale online due to 

the amount of shows i do, so it's a great chance! 

oh!  and don't forget about the stocking stuffers and

special surprise treats over in the shop!  

off to warm up with some more coffee on this 

dark rainy gray day....   *s

PS:  look here!   and here!!!  double yay!  : ) 

{holly mentions me on real simple again and 

my magnets are featured on poppytalk!}


  1. this piece is one of my favorites sarah! i love the amount of stuff going on (organized chaos) and the handwriting near the bottom. i have an old button that gives a pattern similar to the one near the it!

  2. I love it! I especially love the handwriting, so cute!

  3. hey girl...just stopping by for a visit from artesprit. my etsy purchase of yours arrived yesterday. it will be difficult NOT to keep it for myself for Christmas.


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