Monday, June 8, 2009

june morning

the littlest one
#3 from the list

good morning! 
yes, the weekend got away from me and it is now monday morning as i type to you.  it was a fun-filled, action packed few days... hope you had a nice saturday and sunday too.
so, without further ado~ 

my {8 things} about june 

1.  some new paintings are beginning to take shape.  i have 10 new pieces in the works all at once. think sunny, painterly palettes,  that are bigger than usual.   i'm also wrapping up a series of some new, tiny ones too!  (remember these?) 

2.  flea markets and farmers markets abound!  (have you seen shanna's farmers market series?)

3.  the strolling of the heifers!  we woke up very early on saturday morning and drove up to vermont to stake out a spot at this parade!  (it was only after we left, that i realized the name is a play on the "running of the bulls")  "the strolling" was one of the top things on my "things to do now that we live here again" list and i'm so glad we went.  (more cows here)

4.  i've been sipping homemade ginger ale in the summer garden and trying to take time to relax. it is so delicious & reportedly good for knee arthritis swelling and pain!  what a bonus! who knew!?

5.  i've dusted off my polaroid camera~  i have a stash of film that my dad gave me that i have been saving and saving, but i've finally given in.  i'll share soon.  speaking of polaroids and loveliness:  susannah's new website debuts today!  love it!  

6.  i am very excited about one secret summery project that will be revealed next week...

7.  i've been drooling over the recent blog posts about the june session of squam.  cannot wait until september!  it truly seems like a magical, creative paradise like no other. 

8. my favorite flowers: poppies & peonies are in bloom.  

so what are your favorite things about june?  
xo, more soon, *s


  1. I am afraid there is not much I like about June, it is cold, cloudy and chilly at the moment. But I do love reading about summer on the other side of the world.

  2. I like this about June this year: kindergarten for my son will end and with it a 70-mile commute each day round-trip that has wiped me out for six months now.

    I like this about June every year: my wedding anniversary. It is the same date as the day my father died (in 1998) and we chose it so I could have new, happy memories each year tied to June 21st, instead of only a sad one. This year, Father's Day falls on June 21st so it's a triple header.

    I also like the June Gloom this year, it helps me pretend I am in the Pacific Northwest instead of the Bay Area where I'm stuck for one more year.


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