Monday, June 1, 2009

meet me on the sunny road.


that tractor.

good morning~
can you believe it's june?! i'm not sure how or when this happened, but my calendar doesn't lie.

this morning, i find myself finally filled with lots of new & fresh ideas that i'm excited to go work on. i say finally, because lately i've been focusing on so many other "life" things that i haven't felt the urge to go and paint... but i feel that i am heading into that place of non-stop creativity which is always accompanied by paint stained hands and a happier me. i always wonder how/where these flutters of inspiration come from... i think these particular ones just rode in on the cool breezes that have come along with this beautifully perfect early summer day.

i wanted to wish you a happy monday, a happy start to a new week, and share a little something that i recently found and can't stop listening to. music certainly triggers ideas and inspiration for me. meet me on the sunny road.

enjoy. xo, *s


  1. Sarah-that is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite songs of ALL time. I love, love ,love her.

  2. lovely summer tune, thanks...

  3. I'm glad you feel your creative juices starting to flow again. It is so lonely when they are quiet.

  4. I wish Emiliana Torrini had more CDs out... :-(

    Do you know Laura Veirs? Try her :-)

  5. Sarah - I know exactly what you mean...when did summer get here? I need to pick me head up out of the daily chores of life and really is summer!
    I'm taking your class next Sept. at Squam - can't wait!


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