Friday, July 3, 2009

8 reasons why,

the cove

we watched the fireworks here.


rocks collected on a rock

birthday cake with flowers & friends



s&j on  "our beach"

i love july.  (& it rhymes!)  

 *    *    *
 1} my favorite beach.  2} we watched the fireworks from here last year.   5}  birthday cakes with flowers & 32nd is coming up on the 21st.   7&8}  fireworks and celebrating 3 years (!) on the 8th. 

 *   *   *  

just looking at these july pictures makes me oh so happy.  it's been a bit of a hectic summer so far... i don't see it getting much easier due to the fact that we are still living out of boxes, an upcoming knee surgery, followed directly with a thesis defense and then (breathing in and out) we move.  yikes.  i'm going to do my best at trying to savor the little bits of summer goodness in between...  
we spent yesterday in the car... driving in the rain.  it was tiring.  and since we had gotten up before 6 am (totally accidently because the clock was set wrong... that's another problem with living in other people's houses....)  AND had a broken muffler, well, that made the trip all the more fun.  when we finally got back to massachusetts, i was planning on popping in here to say hello and posting my {8 reasons} but i completely collapsed when it started getting dark out... i think we were asleep at 9.  the good news is i'm totally refreshed with a good nights sleep. hooray.  

tonight, we'll visit with a good friend who we don't get to see very often because she lives in France... we'll laugh over sangria and pizza here.  other than that, the holiday weekend is looking pretty quiet... just exactly what i need!  my plan is to sit in the garden reading this alongside my stinky dog friend (he got skunked while we were gone!)  but i love him anyway and i'm totally looking forward to it. 

happy holiday weekend to you if you are in the States!  
see you next week!  

ps:  i LOVED "away we go"... did you see it too?  


  1. Fell in love with "Away We Go" too. Such a beautiful movie on how being different is not a bad thing after all!

  2. Lovely photos! :) I hope you have a beautiful, relaxing Fourth of July weekend. Your plans sound just perfect!

  3. Hi Sarah-

    So many favorites - my favorite beach and wedding, too! Can it really be 3 years??? Great picture by the jetty!

    Love to all-

  4. I love all the pictures you posted! Makes me really really want to go to the beach!

  5. Great photos! I too loved Away We Go. It was such a good movie and I liked the music a lot.

  6. Great photos - I love the fireworks shot! Your artwork is just beautiful, and I've been enjoying your blog this morning with coffee. Fellow fish here stopping in to introduce myself.

  7. Hi Sarah - This is so exciting! Even before I was part of the fish bowl I have really loved your work. In fact, the June Bug painting is on my desktop screen thanks to Kindred. Maybe one day I'll have the time to go to Squam - could you let me know of other classes you'll be teaching in the future.
    Thanks - Amy
    Also in my blog - in June or may of this year I talked about how your work made me happy and inspired.

  8. Yes, there are so many reasons to love July. Lovely photos.a


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