Friday, September 4, 2009

oh september... & the eta VI!

three things for late summer

{three things for late summer. acrylic/mixed media on board. (c) sarah ahearn. 2009.}

hi! ohmygoodness. where have i been!? well, between food poisoning, endless unpacking and being completely "in the weeds", i've been a wee bit busy. poor little blog, i'm sorry.
but i'm back! something about septmember just gets me inspired, rejuvenated and craving routine. i really love the cooler weather that this month brings, and am finally feeling like i'm falling into a new, sort-of regular, routine in our new home.
this is a brief post, but i will be back next week for "regularly scheduled programming". promise. i have LOTS of new house pictures to share, new paintings and even more fun news!
those things will have to wait for now though, as we are running out the door to head up to Maine and New Hampshire for the day. (oh how i wish it was longer!, but this has been the summer sans les vacances!) we are heading off to the opening for the enormous tiny art show VI at nahcotta! hooray! i'm so excited! what a great show~ i'm thrilled to be a part of it once again. this piece above is one of my 8 paintings in the show, see them all here! what an amazing bunch of artists to be hanging with, so happy to be able to go up for the opening, i'll share some of my favorites & photographs from the opening next week.

ok, i'm peeling myself away, so much to tell you, but i'll see you here next week with more.
it's good to be back!
happy september to you!
x0, *s

ps: what the heck did i mean by in the weeds??? here's a definition. it's my absolute favorite term from waitressing. here, i'll use it in a sentence for you: i've been so swamped with unpacking and food poisoning that getting out all of my work for the enormous tiny art show and other upcoming shows had me feeling like i was totally in the weeds. there you have it. hope you are not in the weeds, wherever you are! i guess i also could have said "i felt as if i was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off", but i think that is a disgusting expression, don't you?!


  1. You're right that 'chicken' phrase IS disgusting. 'In the weeds' is much better (and cuter!). I love your new art, as usual. Great colors!

  2. Sarah-
    LOVE this new 3 Things..............especially the house by the sea!!!!!!!

    Glad you are back, sounds like you have tons of news!

    Xoxoo Liz

  3. Hi Sarah-

    Did you make it up to Nahcotta on Friday? I kept looking out for you but never saw you! I did hear the traffic was awful. Your work looked fantastic!


  4. Oh, yes, "in the weeds" much better than the other, I love that phrase... we are now packing, woo-hoo! See you next week. xo

  5. Oh, I love this piece. The colors are perfect for September, warm and a little bit cool. What a happy piece!

  6. Glad you are back- love this piece so much! I never heard "in the weeds" but now I will use it :)


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