Wednesday, October 7, 2009

getting ready...

working into the evening feet
painting in pajamas...

i'm in the midst of prep for the Paradise City Arts Festival which is this coming weekend here in Northampton, MA. it's one of the biggest shows of the year for me, and even though this is my 4th fall being a part of it, it's always a frantic rush to get everything ready right before. tomorrow i'll take the whole afternoon to set up my booth space with my dad (i'm so lucky!), we basically will build it from scratch so that by saturday morning it will look like a nice little gallery space to show my work. i'll spend most of the day on friday hanging freshly painted paintings and arranging things for the weekend, which is my favorite part of the set-up. the show is 3 full days and it's a lot of work! but, i'm really looking forward to seeing friends and favorite customers come through my booth for a look and a visit!
if you are in new england, come on by, it's so worth the trip! an amazing event, full of wonderful art and crafts, food and fun... you'll find me (sitting pretty and smiling...) in booth #145.

i'll report in on the flip side!


  1. Hi Sarah-
    Can't wait, see you early Sat. am!!!
    Round up all the relatives, too!


  2. Oh so wish I could stroll on over to your booth and have a little chat and see your art... Have fun building the booth! x

  3. I am wishing you the very best! Wish I could be there.

  4. ooh I wish I could be there to see your work and support you {cheering for you in my heart}! have a fantastic time!

  5. Wish we could've made it this year but hope you're having a successful weekend!

  6. Looking forward to hearing about the show! Also read somewhere that you're involved in a show in CA with some other Squamies. Hope you'll post a pic of your mannequin! :)

  7. I hope your show went well!!!
    I loved your article in the Artful Blogging magazine -so inspiring! Your artwork and photographs looked lovely and i could stare at your journal pages forever!

  8. I hope the show went great! I would love to see your region in the fall. I am sure it's just lovely.

  9. the painting looks like it's going to be another beauty :)

  10. I am so bummed I missed it!
    Hope it went well. Your booth sounds cozy and fun. I hope you took some photographs that you will post. I have always admired a well designed gallery booth:)but one with your amazing work would definitely be my favorite.


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