Friday, December 11, 2009

happy weekend!

one cherry
one cherry. (c) sarah ahearn. 2009.
new little piece. sold. prints coming soon to etsy.

it was a busy week! lots of calendar sales in the shop really made me happy. so happy. thank you thank you! i'm heading into a working weekend... but hopefully in between work, we'll go pick out a little tree to decorate and i also hope to find time for some holiday card making. yes, i said making, what am i thinking!? i have plenty of other things to do already, but i have this vision..... you know, how that is? i just can't let it go.

so we're off tonight to a cupcake and champagne party here. should be a fun time, bring on the cupcakes! (my calendars are on display there too!) our downtown looks so beautiful these days with all of the lights twinkling up in the trees.... it's very cold though, so we'll have to really bundle up to walk into town. i'll stay warm in my new hat that i got at the bazaar bizarre, it's from giant dwarf and it's just right. pretty cute hat right?!

next week, i'll finally share with you a wrap-up of my busy fall art show season, i'll show you my booths/tables/set-ups. i'm very relieved that the craft/art show season is coming to a close. time to move onto upcoming gallery shows and other exciting projects! hooray!
happy weekend and see you then!
xo *s


  1. Cupcakes and champagne! Now that's what I'm talking about! Congrats on the calendar sales! Love to hear that good news. :)

  2. Cupcakes and champagne - could anything be more wonderful? I have to say, I am jealous! BTW, love your calendar - great job!

  3. Very cute hat !
    Enjoy the decking of the halls and the holiday preps. !
    I decided on buying cards that support the World Wildlife Fund instead of making my cards this year - I will have to make the messages inside more personal to make up for it, I guess. It did take some of the pressure off though which feels good.
    Stay cozy and joy-filled !

  4. I just read about you in Artful Blogging. I am very new to the blogging world but your art and your words of encouragement to blog have lead me to your site. I am a artist ...acrylic,mixed media and for a little spice of life I create chalkboards with a friend have created my site and blog on my Mac so always a work in progress and I am setting up a etsy shop this weekend between hockey,birthday parties and dance...So thank you for your tips and your encouragement from a far.
    Happy Holidays
    Kim Hicks
    Vancouver Island,Canada

  5. Happy Weekend to you too Sarah!!
    I hope you enjoyed your cupcakes : )
    Be well and stay warm!!
    Hugs, Love and Smiles~ Jill from N.H. : )

  6. Hi Sarah! I just read your advent artist post over on Stephanie Levy's blog, and I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I live in Massachusetts too, and that Moonlight Magic business sounds awesome! Would you mind sharing with me what town it is in, so that I can maybe check it out next year? Cheers!

  7. One Cherry is making me smile, sitting right on my desk :-)
    Great to see you at the Bazaar Bizarre, happy holidays to you!

  8. Sarah, I too discovered you in Artful Blogging. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work, your style, and your words. I will come back often for inspiration. You paint how I feel and I want to dance carefree with you! HA!
    becca stevens
    bozeman, MT


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