Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new show @ nahcotta!

new show opening this weekend @ nahcotta!

LOVE the idea for this show!

i'm so happy to be a part of this amazing lineup of artists for the verbatim show. my piece is called flutter, and can be seen here! i'm really looking forward to seeing the show in person too, hopefully we'll get up there one of these days before life gets hectic again at the end of the month. (just thinking~ remember what happened last time!? oh geeze, that was an adventure.)

hope you are enjoying the first week of 2010! i'm feeling excited & energized by what this new year has in store... but today, all i seem to want to do is organzine things, (the closets and studio are calling my name) and make long and dreamy to-do lists. funny how the new year will do that to you...

more soon. xo *s


  1. Sarah-I'll have to check it out this week. I hope all is well and hope to see you at Squam this fall unless I see you sooner!!
    Be well.
    BIG hugs and smiles~
    Jill from N.H. : )

  2. Love your work and thanks for sharing. Wish I were in the "neighborhood" to see the show but I'll have to enjoy it online. B.

  3. I really enjoy your mix of ephemera and illustration. Your style reminds me of the published journals of Sabrina Ward Harrison; is her work an influence? Thanks for sharing your work, Rebecca Mack.


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