Thursday, January 28, 2010

a preview...

and then it was our turn

(c) sarah ahearn 2010. acrylic/mixed on board.
then it was our turn...

me again!

here's another new painting i wanted to share with you.
i just realized that it reminds me of someplace special... it's that dock and the gathering of ladies... any guesses?!

be sure to visit tomorrow, i'll be talking about that special place and you won't want to miss the news! (so excited!)
xo *s


  1. Oh what joy in that! I'm the one on the right in the sassy red suit. ;-)

  2. I just love all of the painting you're doing. It's inspiring. I've got to just sit down and paint/draw away with reckless abandon too (well, your paintings don't look reckless-I just like saying that) Exciting for you!

  3. Just found your blog recently - your paintings are so FUN and HAPPY!! Saw you featured in Artful Blogging (congrats!). Very inspiring to a new blogger like me...I'll be stopping in from time to time for sure! : )

  4. So fun! I love this piece - it has such a great jubilant circus feel.

    I can't wait for summer evenings, around a fire, exhausted from swimming.

  5. it's crissy doing yoga on the pier while the rest of us watch!!!

  6. oh my god lisa! you are so right! cracking me up! xo

  7. i found you in artful blogging...your art is full of light, de-light-fulllll! & i just love this full of joy & FREE. bestbrightestbloomiest to you!


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